Welcome to the Tweet Scan API page.

The API provides search results for Twitter or identi.ca in RSS or JSON formats.

Get a Badge

Put a live badge on your site like the one to the right. Just replace {your search here} with your search phrase.

Also, grab this example CSS:

Raw Data Access

You can access the data itself in JSON or RSS formats.

For RSS build a url that looks like this:

http://tweetscan.com/rss.php?s={your search phrase}

This will return 20 results in RSS format. For 100 results add "&n=100" to the end of the above URL.

For JSON use this url:

http://tweetscan.com/json.php?ak=8DEIP6&s={your search phrase}

This will return 5 results by default but to get 20 results add "&n=20" to the end.

identi.ca results are available by adding "&src=id" to either the RSS or JSON request urls

For example, http://tweetscan.com/json.php?ak=8DEIP6&src=id&s=fun+search is what's displayed in the badge on the right.

Terms of use